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Pulse Magazine – Tower Records

“Like the best music of our time…
transcends gender, genre and generations.”

Sesame Street Parents
“…The songs fire your child’s imagination…”

Chicago Tribune
“…you can’t help but want to get on board
for this musical trip.”

Los Angeles Times
“This compilation proves the songs’ stand-alone appeal as Coffey, doing vocals and instrumentals, mixes his clever lyrics with smooth pop, folk and jazz rhythms.”

Publisher’s Weekly
“Coffey’s assured and enthusiastic singing makes this an enjoyable, upbeat outing.”

Big Apple Parent
“James Coffey’s imaginative and clever lyrics are never dull or cloying, which will relieve many parents who are looking for diversions beyond Barney!”

“A solid addition to any public library collection.”

School Library Journal
“Coffey is an accomplished one-man show…”

Women’s Day
EDITOR’S CHOICE – “songs have never been played quite like this…”

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
“…beats that invite kids to find new ways to move in creative ways…”

“James employs his friendly voice and inimitable keyboard flourishes…
designed to get children up and moving.”

Family Fun Magazine
“Wonderful original songs…
A gentle-voiced pop folkie with a knack for playful turns of phrase and melody…”